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Responding to the Delivering Race Equality (DRE) agenda in mental health services: national recommendations informed by local experience
Ethnicity and Inequalities in Health and Social Care March 2010
Co-authoured with Richard Bryant-Jeffries

Selected Appendices to the Dementia Service Guide
Appendix 14: Commissioning and auditing a baseline memory service
Appendix 15: Scoping report and resources handbook on dementia and BME communities
Appendix 16: Telecare briefing
Appendix 17: Dementia benchmarking matrix
March 2011

Black, minority ethnic and refugee (BMER) communities and the National Dementia Strategy: the London experience
Diversity in Health and Care Volume 8, Number 2, June 2011 , pp. 113-119(7)
Black and Minority Ethnic Communities and Dementia: Where are We Now?
Better Health Briefing Paper 30 Race Equality Foundation November 2013
The Reminiscence Tea House Story - Developing Dementia Peer Support and Information for the UK Chinese Community

Journal of Dementia Care, 23(3), 2015, pp.12-14


Co-authored with Mary Leung, Tom Lam and Gill Tan

Communities can’t be left to ‘look after their own’
Journal of Dementia Care 24(6) November 2016  pp26-28
Co-authored with Cheryl  Jackson, Enid Jackson and Sidonie Hawthorne
An Electronic Resource Handbook for CNWL Memory Services: Dementia Information for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities
Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust January 2016 online only
Co-authored with Yolanda Tavera
Early Stage Work with Raising Awareness about Vascular Dementia in the African-Caribbean Community in London
Int J Neurorehabilitation 2016, 3:6
The impact of dementia on migrant communities: A complex challenge in a globalised world  
Alzheimer’s, Dementia & Cognitive Neurology, December 2016  Volume 1(1): 1-3
Our ethnic minorities can feel completely lost when living with Alzheimer’s  
Letter to Financial Times December  9, 2017
Communities can't be left to 'look after their own'   
Journal of Dementia Care Vol 24 No.6 2016 Pages 26-28
Dementia: Faith in Science or Faith in Pharmacy 
Journal of Dementia Care Vol 1(1)
Dementia , Human Rights and BAME communities  
Journal of Dementia Care Vol 26 No.1 2018 Pages 22-23
Emotional intelligence: helping carers to achieve balance
Journal of Dementia Care Vol 26 No.4 2018 Pages 28-29
Co-authored with Jacqueline A. Hinds
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